十八際の女子。大学生のせんこうは宝石でサインです!音楽は人生です (もちろん)
My name is Anangikwe, I am an 18 year old Jewellery Design student who studies Japanese for fun.

Will be leaving for college in a week. No. Wait. I’m not ready

  • baby:
    dd d dde..dd-da
  • dad:
    daddy? :)
  • baby:
  • dad:
    its a fucking weeb
  • vagabonne:

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This is a typical classroom of a Chinese high-school, or Gaozhong (高中).  
It is a place accounting for arguably the most stressful period of a Chinese student’s career as they prepare for Gaokao (高考), or the College Entrance Exam - a national three-day exam taking place in June every-year that decides their whole entire future, or so it is believed by the millions of high-school seniors, as well as everyone else as they are drilled to “work hard for Gaokao” as young as elementary school.
High-school, is also a place accounting for the most nostalgic memories as classmates grow stronger bonds and unify as a body to overcome the endless sleepless nights required for this intensely excruciating undertaking.

Nov. 4, 2012. Indian Muslim brides chat as they wait for the start of a mass wedding ceremony in Ahmedabad.
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wiblingen abbey library in ulm, germany
Rainbow Eucalyptus, is the only species of eucalyptus that grows in the northern hemisphere and is normally grown for its pulpwood, used to create white paper. But why does it look like it’s been painted?  The secret behind the Rainbow Eucalyptus is that the trees shed multiple patches of bark every year, but not at the same time. As the patches are gone, the green inner bark is exposed, and as it matures it turns bluish, then orange, purple and maroon. This creates the rainbow effect.

    Three Cute Cherries